Ian Bennett

Ian's design and architectural approach is built on the dynamic engagement of interior and exterior spaces, created with bold and unapologetic forms. His new identity system reflects his aesthetic, turning a piece of paper into a design object that disrupts the negative space around it. When placed on a ninety-degree angle, the typography engages the negative space within the paper instead.

A customised version of Classic Grotesque brings refinement and intensity together with strong forms and delicate details, like the angle cuts on the Es and Ts.

Services: Brand positioning, brand identity


To get to the heart of Ian's brand and philosophy, we connected with architectural professors, bloggers and aficionados to capture and articulate what made the designer's work so compelling and original. 

The feedback revealled that Ian's work combined dynamic interior and exterior forms with a bold and uncompromising approach, a theme commonly found in Brazillian architecture.


From there, our approach was self-evident: capturing that concept simply and arrestingly. We conceptualized the paper and brand surfaces and sculptures and planes to be manipulated and engaged in relation to the surfaces around them.


Like many contemporary, minimalist architects, Ian's practice focuses on materiality and simplicity.

Our material approach focused on layers of greys and black, answering to Ian's love of concrete.

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